World Research, Ltd. produces the project entitled The Unknown Planet, founded in 1996. The Unknown Planet project is the international program that delivers information about ways of life, traditions, history, and religions of different countries and peoples. The project provides production and distribution of informational products in the Russia and worldwide.  

Television program Unknown Planet airs for the audience that exceeds 100 million people in Russian Federation only (not including CIS and Baltic countries). According to the ratings of Gallup Media the Unknown Planet program holds steady high ratings. The Unknown Planet television program became a winner of The Best Adventure and Educational Program of the Year nomination during the Kinoteleforum-2000 in Yalta. 

The project also includes radio programs entitled Unknown Planet that air on Radio of Russia (AM-261kHz, AM-873kHz, FM-66.44MHz) every Sunday at 11:00am.  

DVDs with the documentaries brought by our expeditions from different countries are sold in Russia and CIS countries under the same brand name – “Unknown Planet”.  


All the information from the above described media is stored on the web-site accompanied with pictures, videos, and narration. This web-site allows us to be online with people’s attitude towards all the information that we release and keep track of the tendencies in changes of interests.  

The "Unknown Planet" project bases on the necessity of distributing information and cultural knowledge. That is why all the activities of the project are based on the following principles: 

  • Deliver the knowledge about other cultures by highlighting ways of life, traditions, and religions, to which contemporary mass media does not pay much attention;
  • Develop the interest of broad public to different cultures, develop the respect and tolerance towards ways of life and thinking;
  • Research of unique and relic cultures, preservation of knowledge about them since our civilization is about to swallow up the last little explored corners of our planet;
  • Create educational and information resources in order to provide access to ways of life, religions, and cultural values of other peoples and nations, history of cultures and civilizations, peculiarities of ethnical and social groups.


Since 1996 we successfully worked with tourist companies, Ministries of Culture and embassies of Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Japan, Romania, Korea, India, Moldova, Republic of South Africa, Georgia, New Zealand, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, USA, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Vatican, Pakistan, Armenia, Bolivia. 

Our goal is to establish a good partnership with companies in order to increase the quality of information about different countries in Russian mass-media. Our television and radio programs, DVDs, and books – all the potential of the Unknown Planet project can be useful to companies from various economic sectors, and in the first place, for the companies that are interested in delivering high-quality information about different countries to different viewers and listeners, thus, increasing the amount of tourists visiting their countries.