Altai: Siberian Ark

Altai: Siberian Ark

People leave big cities demanding freedom of choice and trying to find the way to the natural existence. Different places, different fates. The only thing that they have in common is the desire to get closer to the ground. Our expedition went in search of the Promised Land. Land, where people’s minds are not entirely focused on thinking of purchasing a slot on prestigious cemetery.  Land, where industrial giants do not pollute this world with their madness. All they want is to get back to the roots of their ancestors, saving, as they believe, their souls, bodies, and their children. These people live in the subsistence economy, and locals call them here ‘yogis’. The yogi is a new caste in Siberia. It includes but is not limited to the early Christians and old-believers, the followers of Agni Yoga, Krishna, Babaji, and even Indian tribes. For them Altai has become a place where a harmonious coexistence with nature makes it possible to find peace and joy within.


SD, 26 min.

Production year



Dennis Byshovets


Dennis Byshovets

Sound mix

Dominic Sands, Alexander Troukhan


Anna Kondakova, Natasha Golovina

Music by

Andrei Kuznetsov

Narrated by

Segei Chonishvili

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