Yatra: the Way to Shiva

Yatra: the Way to Shiva

Each year thousands of pilgrims start their uneasy journey celebrating the Hindu month of Shraavana. Their goal is the Amarnath cave, the most sacred and holiest one in Hindu, located in the majestic and enchanting Kashmir region. The cave keeps secrets of immortality and creation of Universe. The narrow road in high Himalayas goes through high mountain peaks and steep cliffs, and is full of dangers. Pilgrims die in large numbers from avalanches, severe cold or falling off cliffs. Three thousand people lost their lives in snow storm on their way to Amarnath in 1996. Yet, the number of people who wish to visit this sacred place increases year after year. What is so alluring about this place that makes pilgrims undertake journey despite all hardships and dangers of the way to Shiva? How do locals live there? What are implications of political conflict in the region? The film seeks answers to these questions and introduces to the beautiful nature of Kashmir region.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

Production year



Vladimir Borisov, Vladimir Melnik


Vladimir Borisov


Vladimir Melnik, Kirill Boryatin

Edited by

Eugene Tarjumanyan

Music by

Andrei Babinov

Narrated by

Nikita Prozorovsky

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