Civilization of Maya

Civilization of Maya

Ancient Mayan civilization had at its disposal knowledge that is hidden from contemporary mind. Their inscriptions, calendar system, and beliefs in the underworld remain one of the most popular riddles on our planet. Yuri Knorozov was the first person who managed to penetrate into the secrets of this civilization.

Now you have the chance to get acquainted with the amazing culture of Mayans and to understand the hidden sense of ancient monuments, to fly over South America, over its time and space.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

Production year



Galina Ershova, Tiahoga Ruge


Tiahoga Ruge


Boris Perochinsky

Edited by

Boris Perochinsky

Music by

Ellina Frenkel

Narrated by

Boris Mironov

Available language(s)

Russian (English script available)