In Search of Noah's Ark

In Search of Noah's Ark

Many attempted to find Noah’s Ark. Researchers from different countries were reported to find its location basing on ancient legends and contemporary pictures from space satellites on the mountain Ararat (Turkey). Many claim they found it, however none of the evidence could be investigated by independent scientific research.

Materials brought by the Unknown Planet expeditions from all four locations on the Ararat, where Noah’s Ark was believed to reside, were thoroughly studied by specialists and scientists. The documentary unequivocally proves that those formations are nothing else but geological anomalies. Our studies show that the idea of Noah’s Ark differs from what we know from our childhood. The documentary angles another view towards the Ark – it is the universal principle that allows a mankind to survive in almost any catastrophe.

You do not have to build a giant ship for the salvation – it will be of no need anyway.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

Production year



Andrei Martynov


Andrei Martynov


Vladimir Melnik, Boris Perochinsky, Alexey Legezo

Edited by

Boris Perochinsky

Music by

Ellina Frenkel

Narrated by

Boris Mironov

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Russian/English script available