Intricate Patterns of Kabbalah

Intricate Patterns of Kabbalah

The modern world of the Internet and space technology is still impossible to imagine without the magic esoteric teachings. Civilized people, like thousands of years ago, are looking for answers to the most important questions from astrologers and fortune-tellers. Mysterious combination of tarot cards, amulets, and the search for meaning of a name, importance of the date of birth, angels and demons still catch the attention of the public. However, few know that behind all this there is one ancient doctrine that is called Kabbalah. For someone this teaching seems to be quite controversial, for others Kabbalah is a universal system of the understanding of the Universe. According to its adherents this teaching is created to formulate the meaning and purpose of human existence. It is believed to be an ancient universal science. Skeptics, however, argue that this is just a clever set of numerological and linguistic tricks that produces an impression only onto credulous people. At the same time there are institutions of higher education of Kabbalah in Israel, There students study Kabbalah for years in an attempt to understand the meaning of life. This teaching is also fashionable and prestigious in the West. History of Kabbalistic teaching has more than one hundred years, but the controversy surrounding it does not cease. Proponents and opponents’ discussions are no less exciting than the Kabbalah itself.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

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Vladimir Borisov


Vladimir Borisov


Vlad Sundakov

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Eugene Tarjumanyan

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Artem Pinegin

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Nikita Prozorovsky

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