Decrypting Maya

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In 1922, in a small railway village near Kharkov, Ukraine, a boy was born. By the age of five, he already knew the alphabet and had begun to write his own stories. But most surprising were the drawings in his notebooks with unexplained captions. Only a few decades later was the meaning of these words revealed, when their connection with the extinct Maya Indian Empire emerged. How these fantastic images entered the mind of the child remains a mystery today. Whatever it was, a strange sign of fate highlighted the incredible destiny of the five-year-old boy. For in the future, it was him who achieved the great scientific feat of revealing the secret of the ancient civilization of the American continent. The name of this man was Yuri Knorozov.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

Production year



Fedor Kudryashov


Sergei Kudryashov, Rustam Mehtiev

Sound Mix

Alex Troukhan


Galina Ershova, Andrei Martynov

Music by

Andrei Kuznetsov

Narrated by

Nikita Prozorovsky/Joseph Bagley

Available language(s)

Russian/English (Spanish subtitles are also available)