Second Coming of Vissarion, part 2

Second Coming of Vissarion, part 2

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In the remote South of Krasnoyarsk region on the lake Tiberkul, there is settlement that was established by a group of followers of the ‘Son of the God’. His name is Vissarion. Our first instinct was to reject so-called Jesus of Siberia. Yet his phenomenon raised many questions. Why thousands of people around the world from different backgrounds and cultures, wealthy and poor, decided to follow this person? Why do they choose to move to an austere, remote and snowy region of Russia to join their leader? Why a former traffic policeman took a mission to be the Messiah? Despite a strong criticism from spiritual and intellectual communities, Vissarion and his religion, which combines ideas of Buddhism and Russian Orthodox Church, continue winning hearts of the people. The documentary is the sincere and inspiring account of Jesus of Siberia and its followers.

Second Coming of Vissarion, part 1


SD, 2 x 26 min.

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Vladimir Borisov


Vladimir Borisov


Boris Perochinsky

Edited by

Eugene Tarjumanyan

Music by

Andrei Babinov

Narrated by

Nikita Prozorovsky

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