Okunevo: Siberian Ark

Okunevo: Siberian Ark

Mysterious and welcoming Siberian Land for centuries embraced many cultures and traditions, carefully keeping the secrets of our ancestors. Archaeologists claim that an advanced civilization with the capital in Okunevo once existed on the territory of Western Siberia. Even the most ordinary village is always a test for the urban man. Okunevo is unique with the fact that most of its residents are former citizens and all of them had their own reasons to end up here. The village attracts not only of representatives of different religions and cults, but also scientists. Here you can find Christians and old-believers who are building together a Hindu ashram. All religions live together in harmony here expanding the boundaries of perception of culture, history, and peaceful coexistence.


SD, 26 min.

Production year



Dennis Byshovets


Dennis Byshovets

Sound mix

Dominic Sands, Alexander Troukhan


Anna Kondakova, Natasha Golovina

Music by

Andrei Kuznetsov

Narrated by

Segei Chonishvili

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