Petra: Red Capital of the Desert

Petra is one of the most amazing and strange capitals in the world. Ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, mathematician Eratosthenes, astronomer and geographer Ptolemaeus admirably mention this great city in their works. Holy Bible also tells us stories that presumably took place in Petra and around - for example Mount Nebo that is well known due to Moses' death while he was taking Jews from Egypt to the Promised Land. A small river running down the canyon where the city lies is called Vadi-Musa in Arabic, which means 'a river of Moses'. According to the ancient legends this is the river that was brought from the rocks by Moses that he stroke with his crosier in order to save his people from the great thirst. Europeans did not know Petra until in 1812 Johann Burckhardt discovered the site. After that many scientists, geographers, and tourists visited this holy place and not a single one of them remained untouched by its ancient magnificence.


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Andrei Antonov


Andrei Antonov


Kirill Boryatin

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Andrei Antonov

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Andrei Babinov

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Nikita Prozorovsky

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