Three Faces of Catalonia

Three Faces of Catalonia

Holidays and celebrations in Catalonia consist of Muslim, Christian, and heathen traditions. Those were taken from enemies, allies, and friends. In the beginning of 8th century the Catalonian city of Lerida was captured by the moors. Among the intruders were Arabs from the south of Arabian Peninsula and North African Berbers. Nowadays, people celebrate the eviction of the moors during the “Moors and Christians” holiday. You will witness the fantastic celebration – Patum de Berga.

The most celebrated mystery of contemporary Catalonia is The Saint Family’s Cathedral in Barcelona (La Sagrada Familia). The construction has started in 1883 and still goes on. The history of the Cathedral is full of mystical coincidences. Mystery covers the name of the architect of the structure Antonio Gaudi. The paradox is that even after his death Gaudi continues to riddle people.


SD, 2 x 26 min.

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Svetlana Melnikova, Tatyana Tsiplyaeva


Boris Perochinsky


Vlad Sundakov, Alex Petriga, Boris Perochinsky

Edited by

Boris Perochinsky

Music by

Ellina Frenkel

Narrated by

Boris Mironov

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