UFO: Russian Version

UFO: Russian Version

The UFO-related topics usually cause grins of cynicism. Some people, perhaps considered fanatics, believe that aliens already live on our planet. Only a small number of people are professionally studying and systematically gathering information about the UFO phenomenon. They do not advertise their work. They do not like journalists. Investigations and research is conducted in top secret. This documentary contains only proven and hitherto unknown evidence. Videos, pictures, interviews, and eyewitnesses’ reports that are shown in this documentary were previously available only to the Russian Secret Service. Those secret reports contain evidence that may change your perception of reality.


SD, 3 x 26 min.

Production year



Oleg Vakulovsky


Sergei Kislyakov


Peter Efimov

Edited by

Boris Kondratyev

Music by

Andrei Zinoviev

Narrated by

Boris Mironov/Peter Efimov

Available language(s)

Russian (English script available)