Unknown Iran

For years Iran was linked to world scandals, weapons of mass destruction, and inequality in women and men rights. Yet, this country has an amazing historical and cultural heritage. Modern Iran is Persia, the ancient Empire that fascinates minds of thousands of people around the globe. The country is the land of tales, Eram Garden in Shiraz, the ruins of Persepolis, and the birth place of famous prophet and poet Zarathustra.  Ancient ruins and reliefs that exist today reveal fascinating legends of the past and serve as a testament of the country’s former glory.  Beautiful music and literature, breathtaking architecture, amazing cuisine, famous Persian carpets and very open people – all of this a traveler can find here. This documentary takes the audience on a journey into the depth of ancient civilization, the splendor of the Persian Empire and its influence on world history, culture and art.


HD, 2 x 26 min.

Production year



Vladimir Borisov


Vladimir Borisov


Vladimir Melnik, Kirill Boryatin

Edited by

Eugene Tarjumanyan

Music by

Andrei Babinov

Narrated by

Nikita Prozorovsky

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